Wednesday, 10 October 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Our Prime Minister has been reduced to an object of widespread ridicule, he's a joke.  Joe Bennett's article this morning exemplifies the contempt in which he is held.
As their best asset, John Key's main value to the National Party was his electability, rather than intellect, leadership skills, political nous, management style or knowledge of anything practical, all of which can best be described as adequate.
If I were a National MP in a marginal seat (what's he swing been like since the election?) or a list MP ranked  low on the list (and in case it isn't obvious, I'm not an MP, National or otherwise) I'd be seriously concerned about my job prospects after the next election.  My guess is the main reason there is not mass panic is the dearth of talent in National's senior ranks; there is no one electable to replace John Key.  So as long as John Banks doesn't completely self-destruct, and no one else is found to have a trouser problem, drug addiction, difficulties with the truth, or a penchant for dipping into someone/everyone else's pocket, Key will remain our unhappy PM.
However, it seems unlikely that things will return to normal.  As time passes the disquiet amongst National's vulnerable MPs will continue to grow.

Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed, 1969


  1. Hence Winston's comment “Mr Key’s involvement in the whole fiasco stinks like a sweaty Hobbit’s armpit in summer” :-)

    1. Strangely, the first thing I want to know is how Mr Peters knows what a sweaty Hobbit's armpit smells like.

  2. Replies
    1. I hear the sound of a thousand tiny violins playing a very sad song. Nah, actually I don't care and until he resigns I won't care. Is that harsh?