Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tender Shoots

Money doesn't grow on trees, or so the proponents of the government's opposition to quantitative easing would have us believe.  It's true, money doesn't grow on trees, at least not directly.  Indirectly?  Well that's a different story.  It does grow on trees, in a sense.  It looks like this:
-- In Central Otago --

-- In Hawkes Bay --

-- In the Bay of Plenty, well, hopefully --

-- In the central North Island --

-- In Northland, I am reliably informed --

-- In Marlborough --

-- In Canterbury, and plenty of other places --

Horticulture (aka growing money on trees) is an ingrained part of our economy, society and culture, and not necessarily in that order.

Stephen - Radar of Small Dogs, 1993


  1. That's what I've always yearned to say, in response to the claim that 'money doesn't grow on trees', but generally those who make the claim would find the distinction too nuanced and would feel honour-bound to scoff.
    Planted 13 plum trees yesterday. The kereru and I are waiting with great expectation for them to put on some height.

    1. I know what you mean, yet it's not much of a nuanced argument.
      It occurred to me that the accusations that are often levelled at the Greens, and you personally, that you hate farmers, are bizarre given that you, and several of the high profile Green MPs I have met are farmers. Do you hate yourself, or is the accusation a load of fertiliser?