Tuesday, 25 September 2012


A few weeks one of our broadcasting stars left his car unlocked and consequently he had it stolen.  Luckily for him it was quickly recovered and returned to him.  Here's some of what he told the Herald:

"It was a wonderful piece of policing and I'm very grateful to the Hastings and Napier police. I got the car back with no damage. [] Everything in it was gone but nothing too valuable.
"It had all my heart operation records in the car but I can get duplicates of that. The best part is, I have a free full tank of gas."

Emphasis is mine.

Except it wasn't a free tank of gas, it was more like a tank of gas that he hadn't paid for.  Someone else paid for it.

Perhaps next time he's in contact with the police he can ask them to try and locate his conscience.  Or, even easier than that, just go and pay for the tank of gas.

Strawpeople - Vicarious, 1996

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