Monday, 3 September 2012

Dialling a Prayer

For a while I have pondered what is wrong with the Labour Party, and where it went wrong.  Today I saw a new twist in the traditional "blame Roger Douglas" and "First ACT government" meme, in a comment at The Standard.
As a polity we badly need some bravery from our elected representatives to stand up for something, anything but “managing” a bad lot better than the other side. There is a paucity of vision and a vaccum of purpose in Labour. Such is the strange legacy of Palmers managerial reforms. Maybe that is more damaging than the legacy of Roger.
The first two sentences I completely agree with.  We can not manage our way out of the state we are in, neither party has shown they can capably manage their way out when they have been in government, and in opposition.  Labour appear to be adrift and I couldn't bring myself to vote for them, at this stage.
The last two sentences are speculative and I don't have the information to prove or disprove either.  They are certainly worth considering.  Thanks Bored.

Straightjacket Fits - Life in One Chord, 1987

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