Monday, 17 September 2012

Galop Infernal

It did occur to me that my suggestion that John Banks must resign might have been a bit premature, and he may, in fact, have a role to play, as a minister.
Right now the Minister for Revenue is Peter Dunne, but I've not seen him do much except mumble platitudes.  It occurred to me that John Banks knows a bit about getting the money rolling in.  His unsuccessful campaign for the mayoralty of Auckland cost a bit.
Maybe he could redesign the tax system along the lines of his campaign fundraising plan.  He didn't fund it by getting lots of little donations from every individual, he targeted a select list of people who he thought could afford, instead.  Sounds very efficient.

Offenbach - Orpheus In The Underworld, 1858


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    1. I can't claim credit for the idea, I first read about it in a book by John Ralston Saul, many years ago.