Wednesday, 26 June 2013

And She Was

Australia has a new Prime Minister, or, at least, tomorrow Australia will have a new Prime Minister.
It's a measure of how immature Australia still is (and we are hardly any better) to see how poorly Julia Gillard was treated as Prime Minister.  I came across this website (Anne Summers), with an analysis of just how bad things really were.  Here's a link straight to the youtube video.
NOTE - Not Suitable For Work, even remotely.
Tackling sexism seems to be one of the really notable things Julia Gillard did as PM.  Her demolition of Tony Abbott last year was a sight to behold, and made me wish we had politicians of her calibre here.
It's a poor reflection on NZ, as a nation, that two of our best political leaders have been Australian.  All we get served is the vanilla custard leaders of the two big parties, with the main difference is that Labour's is flavourless and watered down, whereas National's has sat in the hot sun for too many days and is rotten.
So, tonight it is farewell to a ground-breaking leader, in some pretty dire and undeserved circumstances.  And unfortunately Labor is still toast, of the "golden brown" variety.

Talking Heads - Little Creatures, 1985.

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