Tuesday, 26 March 2013

You Forget

David Shearer forgot $50,000
John Key forgot his TransRail shares
John Banks forgot, umm, pretty much everything.
Both Johns forgot the tape recorder was on.  And that their well publicised meeting was being held in a public place.  Oops
Bill English forgot he lives in Wellington, with the rest of his family
Paula Bennett forgot that private information is, well, private.
Phil Heatley forgot a bottle of wine, or three.
Shane Jones forgot he watched some videos.  Or, he remembered but didn't want to say.
Nick Smith forgot that ministers mustn't be seen to be improperly using their position.

Elsewhere, comparisons are being made about who was worse/worst, and justifications on the basis that "they did it too/first" are being put forward.  But none of it is good enough.  Because who cares who is leading the race to the bottom?

David Shearer is no good as leader of the Labour Party.
John Key is no good as the leader of the National Party, nor as the PM
John Banks is just no good.  And the food at Tony's was terrible.
Bill English was no good as the leader of the National Party.
The crap we have to put up with from our political leaders is appalling.

David Kilgour - Here Come The Cars, 1992

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